Bruno Leyvastre
Founder & CEO




Bruno Leyvastre has over 30 years of experience in Business Development. Based on this expertise, he founded in 2013 his own audit and management consultancy firm.


Based on a pragmatic approach, through independent blocks, LSBD Consulting supports all leaders worried about their organizations consistency, by providing clear and legible audits that aim to provide assistance in their decision and investment making.


As a voluntarily not one-man company, LSBD Consulting provides multi-mission approach, guaranteeing its customers a permanent monitoring, both by its leader implication and the process of its methods.


In this spirit, we carefully select our employees for their skills, as well as their expertise and capacity to integrate our approach and values. LSBD Consulting thus acts as a real force multiplier, able to handle multidisciplinary management and to federate talents in the field of Business Development.

Each customer will find through the proposed packages and approaches, the beginning of a collaborative movement to improve the performance of its organization, either structurally for Business Development departments, specifically to support the company during strategic calls for tenders, and also during transactions processes by  assisting vendors or buyers diligences.

Our balanced and human approach thus intends to become a referential for all leaders wishing to better adjust their sales and offers to their business strategy.

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About LSBD Consulting

Bruno is specialized in the audit of commercial organizations’ alignment with Group strategies and in the implementation of corresponding strategic adjustment masterplans. He also has a strong knowledge in supporting crucial tender process.

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