Audits & Strategic Adjustments Master Plans

Quick, processed and resources low time consuming, our audits lead to simple reading grids, which allow you not only to immediately assess and valorize your organization but also to optimize your performance.


Change Management Accompaniment

Our implementation ecosystem embeds common determinants to all organizations, that are adjusted by specific company criteria. This allows your teams to act in project mode to address the outlined challenges.

Strategic RFQs Support

No matter whether they are offensive or defensive, strategic tenders are crucial for organizations.  Our approach enables you to increase your chances of winning, by challenging the teams in charge, in a processed and positive way.

Our missions


We plan accordingly to respect deliverable deadlines. 


Our respect for our missions implies that we stay focus on taking into account reality, distinctiveness and history of each customer through active listening.


Lean reflects both the speed and rapidity of a company to achieve performance and his relentless concern to avoid anything that does not add value. This is our DNA.


Result of an ongoing balance between operational and conceptual, our approach is primarily a support to a managers' choice and decision.



Keeping an open-mind is the most important human values within our Company. This openness, whether in terms of cultures, technologies or methods is a critical component of our success

Core values


Based on proven processes and collaborative methods, we quickly offer you a clear snapshot of your sales organization alignment with your company strategy which allow you to valuate, valorize and optimize it.



Thanks to our multidisciplinary management approach, we federate your teams around change management projects, that are previously collaboratively identified and defined.



Based on a structure that leverages forces, talents and skills together with a strong personal relationship, we offer you the richness and flexibility of an open environment.

Our vision


Based on a pragmatic approach, through independent blocks, LSBD Consulting supports all leaders concerned with their organizations consistency, as well a Corporate and Financial clients  during their transactions processes (Buy or Sell-side), by providing clear and easy to read audits that aim to assist them in their decision, valorization and investment makings.


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